PAM 3730

PAM 3730

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This course focuses on environmental legislation such as the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the Clean Air Act (CAA), the Clean Water Act (CWA), and others as a foundation for US environmental policy. Internationally, focus on Environmental Policy in multiple countries and comparative to US environmental policy. Over the course we will discuss how environmental policy directly impacts community, public health, natural ecological systems, concepts of justice, and socioeconomics. We will explore these major environmental policies in the US as a basis of comparison and then apply those mechanism domestically or internationally to address climate change and improve other environment conditions. Students who seek to work in the US will build an analytic skill set to be competitive for jobs in environmental consulting, government, public policy, public health, non-profits, and advocacy groups.

When Offered Spring.

Distribution Category (KCM-HE, SBA-HE)
Course Attribute (CU-SBY)

  • Students will debate major environmental policy on the international stage (UN) and key policies in other countries.
  • Students will analyze the challenges and opportunities in implementing effective climate change mitigation alternatives and cumulative impacts to proposed projects and policies.
  • Students will propose strategies for overcoming obstacles to effective environmental regulation.

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Syllabi: none
  •   Regular Academic Session.  Combined with: PADM 3730PADM 5730

  • 3 Credits GradeNoAud

  • 19266 PAM 3730   SEM 101

  • Instruction Mode: In Person