For the Fall 2016 term, classes meet from 8/23/2016 to 12/2/2016 unless otherwise specified by session or meeting pattern. Classes meet on the Ithaca, NY (Main Campus) unless otherwise specified.

What is Class Roster?
Class Roster is the published schedule of classes for a particular term. In addition to class enrollment information, the Roster displays course details (such as descriptions, prerequisites, and breadth and distribution codes) from the Courses of Study. Class Roster also features Scheduler, a course planning and schedule visualization tool.

Where can I find the Courses of Study course details in the Roster?
Click on a course title, or on the "view course details" link following an abbreviated description to see additional course information. In Scheduler, each course card has a "course details" link.

What do I need from the Roster to enroll in classes through Student Center?
Entering the Class Number in Student Center is the fastest way to enroll in a class. The 4 or 5-digit Class Number is located to the left of the Favorites star, in blue. You will need the Class Number for each lecture, discussion, lab, etc. that you wish to add to your schedule. Click on the Review icon in Scheduler to see the list of class numbers for a created schedule.

Where can I find textbook information?
See the Cornell Store website for textbook information.

Is there a way to save the Class Numbers for classes I am interested in?
Yes, you can "Favorite" the classes you are interested in by clicking on the star to the right of the Class Number. View your Favorites by clicking on the Favorites button in the header of the Roster. Favorites can also be imported into a personal course schedule using the Import Courses button in Scheduler.

Why do some classes have a padlock icon?
A padlock icon indicates that the class requires permission to enroll. Hover over the padlock to determine whether the class requires department or instructor consent.

What do I do if a class requires department or instructor consent?
If a class requires department consent, contact your department. If a class requires instructor consent, contact the instructor of the class. An instructor's NetID can be found by hovering over the instructor name.

The Class Roster references the Courses of Study. What is that?
The Courses of Study is published annually and represents Cornell’s full catalog of courses. It also provides information on Cornell degree programs, requirements, policies and procedures.

The Courses of Study indicates that a course is offered this term, but I don’t see it on the Roster. Will it be added?
Check with the department if you do not see a class on the Roster that is expected to be offered.

How current is the information in the Roster?
Class schedule information in the roster is updated daily – this includes additions, subtractions and modifications to classes. Class status (open/closed/waitlist) is refreshed every 10 minutes between 6am and 5pm, every 20 minutes between 5pm and midnight, and every hour between midnight and 6am (all times Eastern). The most up-to-date source for class information is Student Center or Faculty Center.

Is there an API?
Yes, see API Details.

Where I can find archived Rosters for prior terms?
See Archived Rosters.