VISST 3463

VISST 3463

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This course considers issues, approaches, and complexities in the contemporary television landscape. As television has changed drastically over the past fifteen years, this course provides students with a deeper understanding of the changes in narratives, technologies, forms, and platforms that structure/restructure the televisual world. Students will grapple with how "new media" forms such as web-series and on-demand internet streaming services have changed primetime television. We will balance our look at television shows with nuanced readings about the televisual media industry. By watching, analyzing, and critiquing the powerful medium of television, students will situate their understanding within a broader consideration of the medium's regulation, production, distribution, and reception in the network and post-network era.

When Offered Spring.

Distribution Category (ALC-AS, CA-AS)

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Syllabi: none
  •   Regular Academic Session.  Combined with: AMST 3463PMA 3463

  • 3 Credits Graded

  • 17644 VISST 3463   SEM 101

  • Instruction Mode: In Person