GOVT 3282

GOVT 3282

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The advent of computers and the internet have fundamentally changed how most humans conduct their social, political, and everyday lives. Unlike mere decades ago, many of us work, play, learn, communicate with friends and family, and engage in other social, political, and economic behavior online. The digital traces these activities leave behind has created a new world of data for researchers to mine in virtually every field that studies humans and human behavior, from health outcomes to election outcomes. This course is focused on data science applications in political science and public policy research specifically, and in social science research more broadly. It aims to build students' familiarity with the intersection between data science and political/social science. Toward that aim, this course has three main areas of focus:a) Exploring how the digital era has impacted how research in political/social science is conceptualized, designed, and implemented b)Digging into recent political science research that has applied novel data science approaches c)Building important skills in data collection, processing, and analysis from online sources, with a focus on how new sources of data and new techniques can add value to existing research questions in the field.

When Offered Spring.

Distribution Category (SBA-AS, SSC-AS)
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Syllabi: none
  •   Regular Academic Session.  Choose one lecture and one independent study.

  • 4 Credits Graded

  •  7461 GOVT 3282   LEC 001

    • TR White Hall 110
    • Jan 22 - May 7, 2024
    • Ladd, J

  • Instruction Mode: In Person

  • 19439 GOVT 3282   IND 601

    • TBA
    • Jan 22 - May 7, 2024
    • Ladd, J

  • Instruction Mode: Independent Studies