FDSC 4250

FDSC 4250

Course information provided by the Courses of Study 2022-2023.

This course is focused on discussing principles and practices fundamental to the processing and storage of foods, using both conventional and emerging food processing technologies. Material covered includes: i) emerging food processing technologies, ii) processing principles for animal products and plant based foods, iii) cleaning and disinfection ion food processing; and iv) byproduct & waste handling and processing. The various concepts will be demonstrated with case studies from commercial processing.

When Offered Spring.

Prerequisites/Corequisites Prerequisite: FDSC 4210 or permission of instructor.

  • Discuss the principles behind conventional and emerging technologies.
  • Build and explain process flow diagrams and identify the processing equipment used to manufacture of a variety of animal and plant based food products.
  • Describe the unit operations and processing steps used in the processing of animal and plant based food products and waste streams foin food processing, their principles and underlying mechanisms of action.
  • Identify and discuss the critical parameters that affect the processing and quality of a variety of food products.
  • Communicate effectively on critical current issues related to food processing, including controversial issues.

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  •   Regular Academic Session.  Combined with: FDSC 6250

  • 2 Credits Stdnt Opt

  •  1202 FDSC 4250   LEC 001

  • Instruction Mode: In Person
    Prerequisite: 4230, or permission of instructor.