BME 4440

BME 4440

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Science Policy Bootcamp: Concept to Conclusion, is an interdisciplinary service-learning course where students will explore the trends that shape science and innovation policy, understand core science policy concepts and engage in active policymaking work. This three-credit course will comprise of a three-hour long session that will meet every week. The first hour of each session will be devoted to broadening student's perspective on science policy. The following two hours will be spent working in groups on the primary activity of the course - a science policy advocacy project that builds over the full semester. Working in small groups, students will identify a key science policy issue. Together, they will thoroughly research the issue and contact key stakeholders, formulate a detailed plan to address the issue, and unique to this course - implement their plan for solving the problem toward the end of the semester. Examples may include drafting legislation, commenting on Federal or State rulemaking procedures, launching public outreach campaigns, or raising press awareness of an issue. This aspect of the course will include both mentored work in developing the idea and advocacy plan, as well as activities to build the skills necessary to be an effective policy advocate. Examples of such activities include mock press interviews and lobbying visits. As a result of the final project - students will have the unique opportunity to address a bona fide policy issue and create a working solution.

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  • 3 Credits Graded

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