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This course is designed to expose students to the latest research and practice in areas foundational for health and wellbeing throughout life. In addition, students will participate in practical applications of what they learned in session. Every other week throughout the semester the instructors will coordinate expert guests from the Cornell and Ithaca College communities to share research and best practices in eight foundational areas of health and wellbeing: sleep and biological health; exercise and physical health; nutrition and eating habits; mental health, rest and relaxation; sexual health and healthy relationships; alcohol use and drugs; medical practices for health and preventative care; and financial literacy, health and wellbeing.

When Offered Spring.

Distribution Category (PBS-HE, SBA-HE)
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Comments This is a Learning Where You Live course.

  • Students will be able to identify daily activity patterns and develop strategies for improving physical well-being; and identify sleep patterns and practice skills for improving sleep.
  • Students will be able to identify healthy diets, poor eating patterns, and strategies for improving nutrient intake; and develop a plan for regular medical consultations and life-preserving tests/vaccines.
  • Students will be able to develop a plan for personal budgeting, investing, and debt management.
  • Students will be able to discuss and practice personal responsibility for health and sexual well-being, and identify techniques for stress reduction and maintenance of emotional well-being.
  • Students will be able to implement skills for the maintenance of healthy interpersonal relationships.

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  •   Regular Academic Session. 

  • 2 Credits Sat/Unsat

  • 17824 UNILWYL 1410   SEM 101

  • Instruction Mode: In Person
    This is a Learning Where You Live course.