NES 3887

NES 3887

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This class analyzes the phenomenon of political uprising through the case study of the Iranian Revolution.  Undoubtedly one of the watershed moments of the twentieth century, it was declared by political scientist Richard Cottam as one of "the most popular revolutions in the history of mankind." Rather than employing a strictly historiographical approach, we will utilize a diverse set of methodologies – anthropological, sociological, feminist, neo-Marxist, etc -- in order to better understand not only the Revolution itself, but what unique perspective these disparate schools of thought may offer. Major themes include the relationship between religion and politics, class struggle, economic inequalities, foreign influence and colonialism, the use of violence, the impact of intellectuals, the role of women, tactics of political mobilization, comparisons with the Arab Spring, and more.

When Offered Spring.

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Syllabi: none
  •   Regular Academic Session.  Combined with: NES 6887RELST 3887

  • 3 Credits Stdnt Opt

  • 18186 NES 3887   SEM 101

    • T Online Meeting
    • Feb 8 - May 14, 2021
    • Golestaneh, S

  • Instruction Mode: Online