LAW 6029

LAW 6029

Course information provided by the Courses of Study 2020-2021.

This course is offered to students interested in furthering their knowledge of the principles and practices of restorative justice. Students will also acquire the knowledge, skills and techniques necessary to mediate complex campus disputes. The course considers the needs and roles of key stakeholders (victims, offenders, communities, justice systems) and explores in depth the principles and values of restorative justice. It also identifies challenges to restorative justice - the dangers, the pitfalls – as well as possible strategies to help prevent restorative justice from failing to live up to its promise. Much of the course is organized around the issue of harm and crime within our legal system.  However, students will also be exposed to restorative justice in multiple contexts, including issues in higher education.

  • Students will build on the knowledge gained in Campus Mediation Practicum I which sets the stage for the role restorative justice can effectively play in resolving conflict in multiple settings and environments.
  • Students will be assigned to mentor CMP I student mediators as well as mediate complex cases referred to the Scheinman Institute from the Office of the Judicial Administrator and referrals from other Cornell University offices.
  • Students will conduct research and write a paper exploring the global use of restorative justice programs in a wide variety of contexts

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Syllabi: none
  •   Seven Week - First.  Combined with: ILRLR 4029ILRLR 6029

  • 2 Credits Opt NoAud

  • 16614 LAW 6029   SEM 101

    • MW Online Meeting
    • Feb 8 - Mar 25, 2021
    • Nobles, K

  • Instruction Mode: Online