BSOC 2350

BSOC 2350

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How does literary language depict the experience of physical suffering? Can a poem or a novel palliate pain, illness, even the possibility of death? From darkly comic narratives of black plague to the rise and fall of hysteria to depictions of the AIDS crisis, this course examines literature centered on medical practices from the early modern period through the twentieth century. Why have medical practices changed, and how do writers address their political, social, and ideological implications? Readings will include a broad range of genres, including poetry (Dickinson, Whitman, Keats), fiction (McEwan, Chekhov, Gilman, Kafka, Camus), theater (Kushner), nonfiction prose (Woolf, Freud), and critical theory (Foucault, Scarry, Canguilhem, Sontag).

When Offered Spring.

Distribution Category (LA-AS, ALC-AS, SCD-AS)

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  • 16463 BSOC 2350   LEC 001

    • MWF Online Meeting
    • Feb 8 - May 14, 2021
    • Cohn, E

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