NBA 5200

NBA 5200

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This course is designed as a half-semester elective course for MBA students. It will examine various new developments in retailing and the application of operations management principles to these developments. It is recommended for students interested in careers in (1) Retailing and supply chain management, (2) Businesses like banking, consulting, and information technology that provide services to retailers, and (3) Manufacturing companies that sell their products through retailers. Retailing is not only a link in the supply chain, but also an important industry for a number of reasons. This industry, more than any other, is at the forefront of business changes since it directly connects with the consumer and generates demand for the rest of the economy. It is an intensely dynamic industry, with continuous changes in marketing channels, technology, and sourcing. It has gone through remarkable developments through history, and has often been an incubator for new business concepts. Currently, retailing is leading economic growth and transformation in emerging markets around the world, both through global sourcing and global marketing. In the US, retailing comprises 40% of the economy, and is the largest employer. Problems faced by retailers are shared by other firms in the economy, and retailers are often the dominant player in a supply chain. Thus, retailing is also academically interesting as a laboratory to learn and test concepts that may apply to other businesses. Various types of sophisticated data can be collected in retailing easier than in other industries. Performance can be measured accurately and rapidly. Managers in retailing can also change their strategies and product mix in relatively short periods of time. Finally, low entry and exit barriers magnify risks and rewards in this industry, so that we find firms with stellar growth as well those with a history of bankruptcies. We shall study all these different aspects of retail operations through case discussions and lectures.

When Offered Spring.

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