INFO 1200

INFO 1200

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This course investigates the ethical, legal, and policy foundations of contemporary information technology. Through lectures, readings, discussions, and short assignments, we will address contemporary challenges ranging from privacy in big data and social computing to the nature of innovation, property, and collaboration in a networked world. We will cover key areas of technology law and policy such as telecommunications and network policy; concentration and antitrust; free speech and the first amendment; intellectual property; and privacy, security and freedom of information. We will also address new ethical questions and controversies that law and policy has yet to sort out. Through this course you'll learn about the key frameworks, processes, and institutions that govern the contemporary world of technology, along with key theories and methods from the academic fields that shape and inform them (law, philosophy, economics, political science, communication, sociology, etc.). You'll also learn core writing and analytic skills central to success in the worlds of social science, law, policy, and many other settings. But above all you'll learn to engage critically and strategically with the worlds of information and technology around you, deciding what kind of information consumer, user, and citizen YOU want to be.  

When Offered Spring, Summer.

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Syllabi: none
  •   Regular Academic Session.  Choose one lecture and one discussion. Combined with: STS 1201

  • 3 Credits Graded

  • 12111INFO 1200  LEC 001

  • 12116INFO 1200  DIS 201

  • 12117INFO 1200  DIS 202

  • 12118INFO 1200  DIS 203

  • 12120INFO 1200  DIS 205

  • 12121INFO 1200  DIS 206

  • 12235INFO 1200  DIS 207

  • 12236INFO 1200  DIS 208

  • 12394INFO 1200  DIS 209

  • 12395INFO 1200  DIS 210

  • 18399INFO 1200  DIS 211

  • 18400INFO 1200  DIS 212