ASIAN 4434

ASIAN 4434

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With sectarian conflicts and discussions on orthodoxy and heresy dominating the headlines, it becomes important to better understand the relationship between Muslim majorities and minorities. This seminar focuses on Shi'a Muslims, a minority group that has existed alongside the Sunni majority since the first century of Islam. Focussing on the Asian region (e.g. Pakistan, Central Asia, Indonesia) and its transnational connections to the Middle East and Iran, the course will examine the emergence of Shi'a Islam as well as its ongoing transformation in the realm of politics, ritual, literature, the arts and more.

When Offered Spring.

Prerequisites/Corequisites Prerequisite: one course in the humanities.

Breadth Requirement (GB)
Distribution Category (HA-AS)
Course Subfield (RL)

Comments Co-meets with ASIAN 6634.

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  •   Regular Academic Session.  Combined with: ASIAN 6634NES 4634RELST 4434

  • 4 Credits Stdnt Opt

  • 16475 ASIAN 4434   SEM 101

  • Prerequisite: One course in the humanities.