PMA 4710

PMA 4710

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This seminar explores theoretical work in which lateness figures as the signal condition, gesture, problem, or method. We begin with two topics prominent in twentieth-century criticism: late style and late capitalism. We then pivot to contemporary theory "after" theory—or what Amy Holzapfel calls "subprime critique": works marked variously by senses or intimations of belatedness, loss, exhaustion, and decay. Throughout, theoretical readings are paired with an eclectic set of art objects, ranging from literary fictions (James, Baldwin) to more and less popular television series (The Sopranos, Roseanne's Nuts) to avant-garde performances (The Lily's Revenge, Discotropic). Authors may include Adorno, Agamben, Berlant, Jameson, Mbembe, Moten, Said, and Sedgwick. Issues of ability, age, class, gender, race, and sexuality are foregrounded.

When Offered Spring.

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