ENGL 6780

ENGL 6780

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How does one "do theory" inside and outside the book? This course explores experimental writing and transmedia theory. Materials include: Artaud's "To Be Done with the Judgment of God" (text and radio drama), Debord's Society of the Spectacle (text and film), Lesy's Wisconsin Death Trip (text), Marsh's Wisconsin Death Trip (film), McLuhan's The Medium is the Massage (text and audio), Ronell's The Telephone Book (text), Reines's Telephone (play); Trinh T. Minh-Ha's Woman, Native, Other ; films The Ister (Barison and Ross) and Deleuze from A to Z (Boutang), and Zizek and Fiennes's The Pervert's Guide To Cinema. Students will do theory and make media, including texts, lecture performances, and video, while also developing teaching philosophies and digital pedagogies. No prior media experience needed (except writing)

When Offered Spring.

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