ASRC 4513

ASRC 4513

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A pronounced turn away from utopian discourses has long been felt across multiple academic registers—aspects of queer theory rejecting futurity, portions of the radical left adopting a similar politics of no future, and scholars in African-American studies debating the idea of an Afro-pessimism, to name just a few examples. This accumulation of tragic thought brings the question: Does the utopian text no longer hold any value in the development of alternative political thought? This course, grounded in science fiction, will address this question via the thoughtful examination of a range of theoretical, fictional, and cinematic texts. Works to be studied throughout the semester will come from, among others, Frederick Jameson, Carlos Fuentes, Aldous Huxley, Alfonso Cuarón, Colson Whitehead, and Samuel Delany.

When Offered Spring.

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