ANTHR 2935

ANTHR 2935

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A broad introduction to the study of crime and punishment, ethnographies of prison systems, and criminal justice.  We will analyze the myriad forms of criminal justice labor required to capture, segregate, pacify, and manage problematically growing numbers of subjects caught up in the justice system.  Each student will be required to "shadow" or "assist" local legal groups, state officials, or social justice organizations.  Such engaged "micro-internships" will allow students to follow state prosecutors, public defenders, judges, police departments, prisoner and victim rights groups, parole officers, prisoner reentry services, anti-prison activists, or prison guard unions—among other possibilities. In the process, students will learn precisely how "carcerality" —or the "carceral continuum"—works in practice through sets of binding social, economic, and political relations to criminalized populations.

When Offered Spring.

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