CS 1710

CS 1710

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This course provides an introduction to the science of the mind.  Most people have privileged access to one mind, yet this internal experience is often misleading and provides little insight into how minds emerge from physical entities like brains (or other substrates). Instead, an objective, deliberated, and multidisciplinary approach is necessary.  To that end, cognitive science draws on, and integrates, at least five disciplines: Psychology, Neuroscience, Computer Science, Linguistics, and Philosophy.  This course provides an introduction to the insights that these disciplines offer cognitive science while introducing students to current understanding of attention, memory, visual perception, learning, problem solving, language comprehension, and consciousness. 

When Offered Spring.

Forbidden Overlaps A 1 credit Writing in the Majors sections is available.

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Syllabi: none
  • 12088 CS 1710   LEC 001