GOVT 6766

GOVT 6766

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Pluralism is often invoked a basic 'fact' of modern politics. However, there is profound disagreement about exactly what political theorists mean by pluralism and whether this 'fact' should be thought of as a problem, a constraint, or a possibility. This seminar examines the concept of pluralism as it has been developed in liberal, conservative, democratic, and radical political thought. Topics to be discussed will include value pluralism, disagreement and dissensus, the politics of identity\difference, the role of religion in democratic politics, the relationship between affect and political conviction, and the turn to ethics in political theory. Authors studied may include Max Weber, Isaiah Berlin, Michael Oakeshott, Hannah Arendt, Carl Schmitt, John Rawls, William Connolly, James Tully, Ella Myers, George Shulman, and Nick Brommell.

When Offered Spring.

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