VISST 2012

VISST 2012

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This colloquium presents students with diverse approaches at the art-science interface used to interest, educate and motivate people to consider, address and solve environmental and sustainability challenges. It consists of a series of lectures by experts with different perspectives addressing a variety of environmental and sustainability problems with regard to humanistic concern. The small group discussion session allows in-depth engagement with the art-science interface. Building on the possibilities shared by our expert visitors, students in the discussion section will develop their own approach to addressing environmental issues. We will analyze how the ways in which information is shared is as significant as the information itself, and consider "artistic" and "scientific" perspectives as mutually beneficial tools for exploring and communicating our relationship to the environment.

When Offered Fall.

Permission Note Enrollment preference given to: Arts & Sciences and CALS students planning to complete, or are interested in the Environment & Sustainability major.
Forbidden Overlaps Forbidden Overlap: due to an overlap in content, students will only receive credit for one course in the following group: CLASS 2000, CLASS 2010, ENVS 2000, ENVS 2010, VISST 2002, VISST 2012.

Distribution Category (ALC-AS) (CA-AG, LA-AG)
Course Attribute (CU-SBY)

  • Develop depth of knowledge, ability to use concepts and analytical tools, and to understand public policy dimensions in sustainability sciences at the art-science interface.
  • Mobilize students' own backgrounds and developing expertise to produce a public-facing display that communicates environmental knowledge in creative ways.

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Syllabi: none
  • 11485 VISST 2012   LEC 001

  • Instruction Mode: In Person
    Application required. Apply by Friday, August 2, 2024 to: Upon approval, students are responsible for enrolling themselves with a Permission Code.

  • 11486 VISST 2012   DIS 201

    • W Uris Hall 494
    • Aug 26 - Dec 9, 2024
    • Lehmann, J

      Platt, V

  • Instruction Mode: In Person