MATH 3270

MATH 3270

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A one-semester introduction to the theory and techniques of ordinary differential equations. Topics may include first-order and second-order differential equations, systems of linear differential equations, initial-value and two-point boundary-value problems, Sturm-Liouville theory, Sturm oscillation and comparison theory, the basic existence and uniqueness theorems, series solutions, special functions, and Laplace transforms. Applications from science and engineering may also be included at the instructor's discretion.

When Offered Fall.

Prerequisites/Corequisites Prerequisite: a semester of linear algebra (MATH 2210, MATH 2230, MATH 2310, or MATH 2940) and a semester of multivariable calculus (MATH 2220, MATH 2240, or MATH 1920), or equivalent.

Distribution Category (SMR-AS)

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Syllabi: none
  •   Regular Academic Session. 

  • 3 Credits Stdnt Opt

  • 10981 MATH 3270   LEC 001

  • Instruction Mode: In Person