VISST 4153

VISST 4153

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Topic: Cyberfeminism in the Visual Arts; What was/is cyberfeminism? In this seminar, we will investigate the emergence of cyberfeminism in theory and art in the context of the accelerated technological developments of the latter half of the twentieth century. Since the early 1990's, critics have identified numerous manifestations in the visual arts as cyberfeminist yet this art sits uneasily between the histories of media arts, feminist, and activist art. Artistic production categorized as cyberfeminist centers on digital media and can expand to art in earlier media. We will explore the relation of cyberfeminism to current and previous feminist art and theory.

When Offered Fall.

Distribution Category (ALC-AS, CA-AS, SCD-AS)

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Syllabi: none
  • Topic: Cyberfeminism in the Visual Arts

  • 17707 VISST 4153   SEM 102

  • Instruction Mode: In Person