NES 1916

NES 1916

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The seminar will explore the global phenomenon of urbanism across different historical and geographical contexts. Students will collaboratively develop creative and critical insights regarding cityscapes through writing assignments and classroom discussions, considering cities as multilayered spaces of forgetting and erasure, with complex relationships to the historical past. Students will explore how cities—and sounds that reverberate throughout urban spaces—also make other perceptions of time and space possible. These urban sounds and other media sometimes make those forgotten layers of the past discernible, further revealing alternative forms of social interactions and relations.

When Offered Fall, Spring.

Satisfies Requirement First-Year Writing Seminar.

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Syllabi: none
  •   FWS Session. 

  • 3 Credits Graded

  • 20559 NES 1916   SEM 101

    • MW McGraw Hall 215
    • Aug 21 - Dec 4, 2023
    • Hagay, R

  • Instruction Mode: In Person
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