NBAY 6085

NBAY 6085

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Theory is important as a foundation when it comes to the principals of leadership, organizational behavior, influence, and culture, but in this class we will solidify that underpinning, move forward, and gain an understanding of how to make real-world decisions even when the historical premise of management and power doesn't apply. How to look for and identify the behaviors of success in people – then let them participate in sustaining the culture, and ultimately the growth, of the company, all the while ensuring they are correctly compensated for their performance and contribution. As a leader how do you make the people decisions that will ultimately result in growth – your own and the company's. Utilizing the broad theories of management, corporate structure, and talent as a base to 'think from,' we will take a macro approach to studying power and leadership, with a focus on organizational culture. The cases we discuss in this course will give students the opportunity to apply their own creative thinking, rooted in knowledge, but about the actual situations depicted, all the while learning how to lead and empower performance within their organization. Learnings will also be gained directly from the real world, specifically the Instructor's experience in building and sustaining growth within companies. Using corporate culture as a driver, his companies have remarkably lower turnover as compared with the competition. From our discussions, you will piece together the important aspects to drive culture growth/sustainability and to drastically decrease turnover; flat organizations, entrepreneurial environments, role diversity, and increased responsibility. Culture is not free-beer on Fridays and ping-pong, it's what fuels creativity, innovation, and competitiveness…resulting in dedication! The goal of this course will be to strengthen student's abilities around how to become an effective leader through insights that include; the creation of culture while building a team or enterprise, managing many varied personalities and abilities alongside conflict and change, and how to create and sustain lasting organizational change. You will focus on how to enhance your people skills, improve your performance under both easy and stressful circumstances, better guide and work with teams while garnering respect, and how to be viewed as a leadership candidate even without formal authority. You will finish this course with an understanding of power, influence and the path to leadership but more importantly, how to get people to follow you.

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  •   Seven Week - Second. 

  • 1.5 Credits S/U NoAud

  • 12502 NBAY 6085   LEC 001

  • Instruction Mode: In Person
    Taught in NYC at Cornell Tech. This class is open to Non-MBA students (must also take TECHIE 5310 or be granted a waiver). Add/Drop Dates: October 11th - October 20th