CRP 5100

CRP 5100

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This is a 3-credit hour lecture course that explores the rich legacy of urban design and the evolution of city form in global space and time. It will examine the manifestation of human values and ideals in the built environment, and the consequent shaping or society and culture by the places we have envisioned, planned, built and peopled. A broad spectrum of operative forces and agents - economic, cultural, political, relgious, technological - will be analyzed to understand their unantipated effects on cities, suburbs and metropolitan regions. Themese inclue the origins of urban form; utopianism and the "ideal city"; the dynamics of power and the grassroots, the challenge of modernity; transportation technology and settlement patterns; and the dynamics of space, race and class.

When Offered Fall.

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  •   Regular Academic Session.  Combined with: CRP 3100

  • 3 Credits Opt NoAud

  • 20325 CRP 5100   LEC 001

    • TR Sibley Hall 101
    • Aug 21 - Dec 4, 2023
    • Campanella, T

  • Instruction Mode: In Person