LAW 7256

LAW 7256

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In this in-home seminar, we will ask what the Harry Potter series can tell us about the law, legal institutions, and justice – in Harry's world and in our own.  We will explore issues such as the rule of law and its breakdown, crime and punishment, human rights, discrimination, terror and counterterrorism, legal education and the legal profession, and resistance to injustice.  Our materials will include academic and popular articles and excerpts from the Harry Potter books and films.  Familiarity with the Harry Potter series is highly recommended.

When Offered Spring.

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Syllabi: none
  •   Regular Academic Session. 

  • 1 Credit S/U NoAud

  • 19761 LAW 7256   SEM 101

    • F
    • Aug 22 - Dec 1, 2022
    • Brundige, E

  • Instruction Mode: In Person