HADM 5120

HADM 5120

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In this interactive course, students will learn the different types and ways to network, how to create their own personal branding statement, best practices on how to reach out to someone you have not met before, ways to master the basics of video communications, and how to share and utilize their networks. This course expands student life and networking skills to add value and grow their knowledge, interpersonal/people skills, and experience to succeed in business and life.

When Offered Fall.

Permission Note Enrollment limited to: Johnson College of Business students.

Comments This is a yearlong course. To receive credit for this course students must also successfully complete HADM 5121 in the spring term. Undergraduate students must enroll in HADM 3120.

  • Students will begin to understand what networking is, identify and explain different networking styles and techniques, and identify their own style.
  • Students will start to discuss and analyze best practices, be aware of their natural style and ways they can enhance their style or leverage their natural strength and adopt characteristics of different styles.
  • Students will start to identify their core strengths and understand why these matters, home in on what they love and want to do, differentiate themselves by tying their strengths to results, and use persuasive communication techniques to start creating a powerful and compelling personal positioning statement.
  • Students will be able to build specific action items, have more confidence and insights into how to reach out and network on various platforms, gauge the right timing for follow-up, and understand ways to execute their plan.
  • Students should be able to use best practices while using technology (video, audio, internet connection), including ensuring they have a proper background, are prepared for discussion, and present themselves properly to build relationships regardless of the medium.
  • Students will be able to understand who their current network connections are, how to utilize those connections to build and strengthen relationships as well as expand their networks and share them with others.

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  •   Regular Academic Session.  Combined with: HADM 3120

  • 0.5 Credits Multi-Term

  • 12664 HADM 5120   LEC 001

  • Instruction Mode: Online
    This is a yearlong course. To receive credit for this course students must also successfully complete HADM 5121 in the spring term. Students who do not successfully complete HADM 5121 will receive a "U" in HADM 5120. Undergraduate students must enroll in HADM 3120.