SPAN 3170

SPAN 3170

Course information provided by the Courses of Study 2020-2021. Courses of Study 2021-2022 is scheduled to publish by July 1.

Focuses on the practice of narrative writing in Spanish. Explores what makes a novel and a short story work, paying close attention to narrative structure, plot, beginnings/endings, character development, theme, etc. Students read classic novels and short stories as points of departure for the discussion. Because the course is a workshop, students are expected to write their own fiction.

When Offered Spring.

Prerequisites/Corequisites Prerequisite: SPAN 2095, SPAN 2140, SPAN 2150, SPAN 2170, or CASE Q++.

Distribution Category (ALC-AS)
Language Requirement Satisfies Option 1.

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Enrollment Information
Syllabi: none
  •   Regular Academic Session. 

  • 4 Credits Graded

  •  6878SPAN 3170  SEM 101

    • TRTo Be Assigned
    • Aug 26 - Dec 7, 2021
    • Colanzi, L

  • Instruction Mode: In Person
    Prerequisites: SPAN 2095, 2140, 2150, 2170, or CASE Q++, or permission of instructor.