FGSS 4661

FGSS 4661

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This course draws on feminist, queer, and crip theories; animal studies; disability studies; indigenous studies; and environmental studies to examine anthropocentrism and various forms of violence that target groups of people and the environment. How has the definition of the human variously aided or challenged oppressions and violence? How does the otherness of certain humans relate to nonhuman existence and its conditions of being "neither alive nor dead"? Through the representations of death, violence, animals, plants, ghosts, objects, and environments in animated and documentary films, novels, art, nonfiction, as well as history and material culture, the course will rethink the functions of the parameters—ethical, legal, aesthetic, emotional, and political—of the human and of human rights. For longer description and instructor bio visit the Society for the Humanities website.

When Offered Fall.

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