PMA 6554

PMA 6554

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Having a voice is often seen as a central metaphor for a person's agency. Having a voice allows a person to be heard as well as to speak. Yet, how we speak or sing, and how our voices are heard is socially constructed and varies based on many different identity factors including race, gender, and sexuality. From black opera divas and transgender jazz musicians to lesbian rock singers and cross identity voice over actors, this seminar will explore how to analyze and make meaning out of the use of voices within music and media: materially, culturally, and historically.  For additional information visit the Society for the Humanities website.

When Offered Fall.

Permission Note Not open to: undergraduates.

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  • 17875PMA 6554  SEM 101

    • MOnline Meeting
    • Sep 2 - Dec 16, 2020
    • Pennington, S

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