VISST 4436

VISST 4436

Course information provided by the Courses of Study 2019-2020.

The course will treat various aspects of Indian film, with focal topics to vary from year to year.  These topics will include religion in Indian film, Indian art films, and the golden age of Indian film.  All topics will be discussed in relation to the conventions of mainstream Bollywood cinema and their social and cultural significance.  Each week a film must be viewed to prepare for class discussion; screenings will be arranged as appropriate. No knowledge of an Indian language is needed.

When Offered Fall.

Breadth Requirement (GB)
Distribution Category (LA-AS)

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Syllabi: none
  •   Regular Academic Session.  Combined with: ASIAN 4436PMA 4536

  • 4 Credits Stdnt Opt

  •  9052 VISST 4436   SEM 101