PE 1395

PE 1395

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The ability to defend oneself and acquire the strength and confidence that are developed, are not mysterious secrets that take years to learn and apply. They are learned through a progressive training program that, when properly followed, develops awareness, as well as strength and self-confidence. Using modern training equipment and up-to-date teaching methods, Kevin Seaman, world renowned martial artist and authority on personal safety, will guide you to become more prepared to manage potential violence. The class provides an opportunity to learn a system of practical, proven self defense techniques and educate the individual in the strategies of personal safety and awareness. This system, a composite based on 30 years of experience, includes powerful street self defense, unarmed weapons defense, defense from the ground, effective use of your environment and defense tools found in our everyday world. Don't be a helpless victim of a violent attack. Learn to protect yourself and your loved ones.

When Offered Fall, Spring.

Fees Course fee: TBA.

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Syllabi: none
  •   Regular Academic Session. 

  • 1 Credit S/U NoAud

  •  9860 PE 1395   LEC 001

    • TR Bartels Hall 101
    • Sep 3 - Nov 26, 2019
    • Seaman, K

  • Course Fee: $135. Last day to add: Thur 9/12. Last day to drop: Fri. 9/13. For more information, please see: Students will be responsible for the course fee if they do not drop the course by the drop deadline.