LAW 7440

LAW 7440

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This seminar is designed for students interested in a comparative study of law in Africa. The seminar will include an introduction to multiple African legal systems, as well as African customary law, constitutional law, labor law, property law and family law. The seminar will examine the current law in the context of changes that have taken place in African society from colonization through the present day. Students will read cases and statutes from multiple African countries. Students will be encouraged to choose an area of law to conduct a comparative analysis in the required final paper. The seminar creates opportunities for multicultural experiences through immersion in South Africa's society and culture during a three-week winter trip to Johannesburg, South Africa, where students will receive instruction at the University of Johannesburg. (Travel assistance will be available based on demonstrated need. Please contact, Program Manager, IAD at 190 Uris Hall for more information.) The main objective of this aspect of the program is to enhance and reinforce academic learning by providing students the opportunity to actively engage with individuals and organizations directly involved in the administration of law in Africa in a variety of concentrations. The seminar will examine problems of law and how they have been addressed in Africa with particular attention to the interaction of the common law, African customary law, and other imported systems of law. Legal interaction between Africa and Europe, which began before colonial rule, intensified during the colonial period and has continued after independence. During the Colonial period, the Common Law and Civil law were imported into Africa and operated alongside customary law. The result is that pluralism of law is a common feature of legal systems in nearly all African states. The conflicts between the imported laws and customary law have generated considerable interest in reform and the integration of laws in various African countries as well as creating an opportunity to look to other legal system for alternative approaches.

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