GOVT 3595

GOVT 3595

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This course examines the contemporary transformation processes in the higher education with special emphasis on everyday academic life. The course starts with an exploration of space accorded to (academic) knowledge production in capitalism. It proceeds to the discussion of the way academic life—both in terms of campus and office spaces, and the academics' involvement in knowledge production regimes—has evolved throughout the different phases of capitalism. The focus of the course is the contemporary phase. In all the layers of the course we will discuss the dominant discourse on academic work – 'myths' – the historical conditions of existence in the academe – 'traditions' – from within a critical frame that ties academe to the general socio-political context – 'realities'. Within the scope of the course, we will read, among others, Foucault, Bourdieu, Harvey, Giroux, Berg and Seeber, Eisenstein, Dardot and Laval.

When Offered Fall.

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