CRP 3600

CRP 3600

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Various American Indian civilizations as well as diverse European cultures have all exerted their influences on the organization of town and city living. The course considers how each culture has altered the landscape in its own unique way as it created its own built environments.

When Offered Spring.

  • Ability to describe, identify, and discuss the diverse approaches cultures have taken to create and design North American pre-industrial cities and towns. The exams and term paper will be ways to measure and evaluate this knowledge.
  • Integration of Writing, Visual Representation and Speaking/Presentation Skills. The exams, term paper, and class discussions will be used to measure these skills.
  • Develop Knowledge of and Ability to work with allied Disciplines. Students will read and discuss articles from archaeology, city and regional planning, and landscape architecture that focus on community design. Their term papers will require them to use material from allied disciplines to analyze aspects of town planning. Their term papers will be used to evaluate their knowledge on this topic.
  • Develop multicultural social and ethical perspectives. Students will exam, discuss, evaluate, and analyze diverse cultural approaches to town planning and community design. The term papers will measure the students' ability to comprehend, explain, and analyze cultural differences regarding planning and design.
  • Develop critical thinking. The final exam will measure the student's ability to place evidence within its historical context, to evaluate, compare and contrast evidence in order to arrive at a conclusion.

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