ASIAN 3317

ASIAN 3317

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In this course, we will be exploring the vast range of Japanese poetry—one of the most influential poetic traditions in the world—from its earliest incarnations to the present day. Over the course of the semester, our investigations will range from the ancient poems of the Man'yōshū, to the haiku of Issa and Bashō, to the emergence of modern free verse poetry, and finally contemporary poetry in the age of the internet. At the forefront will be how literature connects to other media, by looking at poems composed through audio, film, painting, video games, and the computer. To do so, we will be taking a hands-on approach: students will not only analyze the form and content of Japanese poetry throughout the ages, but will also engage in critical poetic production themselves, trying their hand at composing poems in a variety of modes akin to the works under consideration. All texts will be available in both English and Japanese; class discussion and all assignments will be in English. No prior knowledge of Japanese language, history, or culture required.

When Offered Fall.

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