VIEN 3200

VIEN 3200

Course information provided by the Courses of Study 2018-2019.

Designed both for students preparing for a career in the grape and wine industry and those with a broader interest in "real world" intensive pest management systems. Emphasizes basic integrated pest management concepts, the biology and attendant specific management practices pertaining to the major diseases and anthropod pests of grapes, and modern spray application technologies. Laboratories emphasize field illustrations of classroom concepts. Team taught by a plant pathologist, entomologist, and agricultural engineer.

When Offered Fall.

  • Recognize and identify major grape pests and disease.
  • Understand basic principles of integrated pest management.
  • Understand the physiological basis of pest control methods.
  • Develop a plan to sustainably manage major grape pests.
  • Understand the biology of the major pests and diseases, and the attendant rationales for individual management strategies.
  • Understand the basics of vineyard spraying, the physical principles underlying them, and how to avoid waste and pollution.

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  •   Regular Academic Session.  Choose one lecture and one laboratory. Combined with: ENTOM 3200PLPPM 3200

  • 3 Credits Stdnt Opt

  •  1007 VIEN 3200   LEC 001

  •  1008 VIEN 3200   LAB 401