ASRC 3630

ASRC 3630

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From "Defending our Name" efforts in the late nineteenth century to #SayHerName and #Me, Too in the new millennium, black women have been visible in this nation's public sphere standing at the vanguard in the fight to end racism, sexism and all forms of oppression.  Such political struggles by black women have been evident in Africa and throughout the diaspora.  We will explore black feminist and Africana womanist critical thought, tracking their developments from the late nineteenth century to the present by studying pivotal critical books and essays.  We will reflect on how this critical thought and theory has been advanced and institutionalized in areas ranging from black women's writing and literary criticism to black women's history.  We will consider how these movements have been advanced by black women activists and on black girls.  We will consider the impact of social media on black feminism and womanism in the contemporary era, as well as some of the key debates within these areas.

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