AEM 2011

AEM 2011

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This course will be developed as a data-driven, model-based approach to decision-making. Most applications will rely on the standard array of Excel functionality but other platforms (e.g., Access, SQL, presentation software) may be employed. A unique feature of this course will be applications drawn from the diverse program areas of the Dyson School: management, international development/trade; environment/resource economics; and food/agricultural economics. Case material will be contributed by the companies from the DUAC. Key topics will include: Optimization (Solver), Data graphing, Financial modeling, Ethical/social dimensions of IT, Forecasting, Pivot tables, Exponential smoothing, and Simulation.

When Offered Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.

  • Understand business applications of spreadsheet modeling analysis and decision making.
  • Efficiently organize and retrieve data and datasets.
  • Apply logic when making business decisions.
  • Solve real world business problems using statistical analysis tools.
  • Apply Excel tools and skills for problem solving and decision making using business scenarios.
  • Leverage data tables to run scenarios and conduct what-if analysis.
  • Design and utilize effective and efficient data display with charts and tables.
  • Apply financial impact analysis using loan and investment scenarios.
  • Expand into more complex decision making using multivariable scenarios.

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