NTRES 4940

NTRES 4940

Course information provided by the Courses of Study 2017-2018.

The department teaches "trial" courses under this number. Offerings vary by semester and are advertised by the department before the semester starts. Courses offered under the number will be approved by the department curriculum committee, and the same course is not offered more than twice under this number.

When Offered Fall or spring.

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Enrollment Information
Syllabi: none

  • 1 Credit Sat/Unsat

  • Topic: Bridging Self, Community & World

  •  5075NTRES 4940  LEC 002

  • This interdisciplinary course serves as a gateway for engagement in the Alice Cook House community. The course is targeted at residents of Alice Cook House (including the Language House) on West Campus, but is open to anyone on campus. The class will take place in 101 Cook Main (Alice Cook House). For more details, please contact the instructor: Dr. Shorna Allred via e-mail: srb237@cornell.edu.

Enrollment Information
Syllabi: none
  • Topic: Practical Methods: Impact Ag Prod on Biodiversity

  • 18636NTRES 4940  LEC 004

Enrollment Information
Syllabi: none
  •   Seven Week - Second. 

  • 2 Credits Graded

  • Topic: Global Citizens & Sustainability II

  • 16788NTRES 4940  LEC 003

    • M
    • Oct 9 - Dec 1, 2017
    • Allred, S

  • Only students accepted into the Global Citizenship and Sustainability program are eligible to enroll in the course. Please contact Professor Shorna Allred at srb237@cornell.edu to apply. There is a $2,000 course fee that covers travel.