FGSS 4153

FGSS 4153

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Feminist media arts continuously proliferate. These rich and varied practices include video, net art, networked performance, video games, remix, installation, biotech art, artificial life and robotics. While some of these works address traditional feminist concerns such as the female body, identity, representation, feminist history and consumerism, others directly engage with recent theoretical currents on the Anthropocene, posthumanism and new materialisms that view humans and non-humans as co-dependent. Non-humans include environmental factors, animals, plants, bacteria, and machines. This seminar will examine work by contemporary artists engaged with posthumanist perspectives in relation to a body of relevant theoretical texts and previous feminist media arts. Is feminism compatible with posthumanism? What do feminist art and theory add to current understandings of the posthuman?

When Offered Fall.

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Syllabi: none
  • Topic: Feminist Posthumanisms in the Visual Arts

  • 16477 FGSS 4153   SEM 101