ENGL 3747

ENGL 3747

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Where would crime fiction be without its constitutive trouble—the corpse on the floor, the predatory femme fatale, the city steeped in corruption that only an honest sleuth can purge? And where would literary and filmic culture be without crime fiction to make trouble for—to parody, reinvent, complicate, and rejoice in? This course will review classic mystery story design in such writers as Poe, Doyle, Christie, and Chandler, and will read later fictions by such writers as Jorge Luis Borges, Thomas Pynchon, Patricia Highsmith, Michael Chabon, Sara Paretsky, China Miéville, and Mukoma Wa Ngugi, viewing films by Howard Hawks, Roman Polanski, and Paul Thomas Anderson—and promising never to let the trouble go away.

When Offered Fall.

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