SOC 3010

SOC 3010

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This course will introduce students to the theory and mathematics of statistical analysis. Many decisions made by ourselves and others around us are based on statistics, yet few people have a solid grip on the strengths and limitations of these techniques. This course will provide a firm foundation for statistical reasoning and logical inference using probability. While there is math in this course, it is not a math class per se, as a considerable amount of attention is devoted to interpreting statistics as well as calculating them.

When Offered Fall.

Permission Note Enrollment limited to: students in the college of Arts and Sciences.
Forbidden Overlaps Forbidden Overlap: Students may receive credit for only one course in the following group: AEM 2100, ENGRD 2700, HADM 2010, ILRST 2100/STSCI 2100, MATH 1710, PAM 2100, PAM 2101, PSYCH 3500, SOC 3010, STSCI 2150.

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Syllabi: none
  •   Regular Academic Session.  Choose one lecture and one discussion.

  • 4 Credits Graded

  •  6244 SOC 3010   LEC 001

  •  6245 SOC 3010   DIS 202

  •  6246 SOC 3010   DIS 203