PAM 5641

PAM 5641

Course information provided by the Courses of Study 2015-2016.

This course introduces efforts to improve healthcare quality through health information technology (IT) in the United States. Students will learn the role health IT plays in improving health care quality, why it plays such a critical role, how health IT is operationalized, and why it is challenging to associate health IT's effects on quality.

  • Become familiar with fundamental concepts of health care quality and how HIT may be used to facilitate Quality Improvement (QI).
  • Gained an understanding of the role of standards in making HIT work and how standards are developed.
  • Developed a general understanding of organizational issues involved in performing QI and leveraging HIT and common barriers to their effective use.
  • Improved your skills in problem solving and succinct verbal and written communication.
  • Gained knowledge about organizational behaviors and their impact on HIT and QI effectiveness.
  • Improved your skills working with others in diverse groups.

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Syllabi: none
  •   Regular Academic Session. 

  • 1.5 Credits Graded

  • 15157 PAM 5641   LEC 001

    • F
    • Nov 13, 2015
    • Nicholson, S

    • S
    • Nov 14, 2015
    • Su
    • Nov 15, 2015
  • Enrollment limited to Sloan students only.