HE 4950

HE 4950

Course information provided by the Courses of Study 2015-2016.

This is a seminar/workshop designed to support student leadership development. Topics include skills related to empathy, mindfulness, self-awareness, self-direction, gender, diversity and identity. Students engage in a number of projects to develop communication skills. Reflective analysis and integrative learning is done using e-Portfolios. The final class project is a video interview of a College Leader.

When Offered Fall.

  • Demonstrate self-awareness through accurate assessment and understanding of personal strengths and challenges.
  • Students will engender a conscious mindfulness that values difference in the thoughts and actions of themselves and others.
  • Critically reflect upon the role of cultural assumptions, power, privilege, and existing institutions in framing and determining the learning process.
  • When faced with uncertainty, students will demonstrate intellectual and emotional aptitude — a tolerance of ambiguity.
  • Students will understand and demonstrate the qualities of empathic listening.
  • Demonstrate practice of mindfulness.
  • Students exhibit cognitive complexity through creative and reflective thinking.
  • Formulate a position/argument about an ethical issue from multiple perspectives; apply to own actions.
  • Demonstrate practical competence in communication with to ability express ideas clearly in writing; speak articulately; communicate with others using media as appropriate; work effectively with others.

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  • 2 Credits Sat/Unsat

  • 16491HE 4950  SEM 101