NES 4910

NES 4910

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An autonomous, diasporic Jewish culture flourished in Eastern Europe from the early modern period through the mid-twentieth century and beyond. It is the ancestral culture of the vast majority of American Jews today, and thus a major source of American culture more generally. Its productions span the range of the religious and the secular, and trouble those very categories. Its reford constitutes a treasure trove of reflections on universality and particularity, self-determination and domination, the search for individual expression and the call of collective solidarity. This course will draw on a wide range of disciplines (especially anthropology, history, and literary studies) and a wide range of genres (fiction, historiography, autobiography, film) to recapture some sense of the living, dynamic cultural world of East European Jews.

When Offered Fall.

Distribution Category (CA-AS)

Comments Co-meets with ANTHR 7810/JWST 7910/NES 7910.

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